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SQLEngineers, 24x7 Remote SQL DBA Services

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by Percy Reyes, Owner at SQLEngineers

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Without good DBA support, you are putting your business at risk. You must be aware that a database failure is not an option because a down means you are out of business. Historically, there were two ways of dealing with the challenges of database administration. You could either hire a full-time DBA or you could bring in a consultant, both of which had very hard costs associated. Nowadays, no longer do you have to bring the DBA to the database. Instead, you bring the database to the DBA in a safe and cost-effective manner by using Internet, in other words, the database is brought to the DBA via Remote Access. This is a new way of managing your database that has significant advantages over past practices. Thus, with our Microsoft SQL DBA services, you eliminate the costs of hiring, training, and retaining in-house DBAs by buying just the right amount of DBA service to fit your business needs as per your demands. Our remote DBA services can be customised to fit your specific requirements and budget.

If your business runs on a Microsoft SQL Server database then we have the Certified SQL Server DBA Expert you are looking for. Our knowledge of the SQL Server platform is complete, specialized and current. We are fully trained, certified and experienced with all Microsoft SQL Server versions and editions, and also the technologies required to maintain a high performance, high available, secure and reliable database environment for your company. Therefore, we can provide you with the complete solution for this in a cost-effective way to manage your database administration without compromising service quality and using highly effective techniques and up-to-date skills.

In this sense, we can provide you with 24x7 Remote SQL Server DBA services to work anytime from anywhere in order to serve your needs of Database Management, Performance Tuning, High Availability, SQL Server Internal issues, Troubleshooting. Most importantly, for the cost of our SQL DBA Services, you can have proactive support 24x7 designed to prevent failures of your database and business applications.  In fact, we will make your database run significantly better, and so your mission-critical business applications will also run much better. It all means your business will run much better. 

Key Advantages of our 24x7 remote SQL DBA services:

  • 99.99% service level guarantee 
  • Reduced staff turnover and burnout 
  • Highly scalable, on-demand DBA services 
  • Elimination of recruitment costs, training and certification costs 
  • Elimination of “soft cost” overhead expenses 
  • Increased database administration best practices 

With Our 24x7 remote SQL DBA services, not only will you gain:
  • Administration and proactive monitoring of database servers (monitoring of all database related processes, memory segments, logical and physical storage, backups, database statistics & index usage, database related IO activity, and other general database issues such as locking, blocking, database loggings, replication issues, etc). 
  • Capacity and system planning. Patch reviews and installation. 
  • Preventive Maintenance Database (index rebuilds, statistics updates, logical & physical data integrity checks, database growth checks, etc) 
  • Improved database performance so that mission-critical applications running better. 
  • Performance analysis and query optimisation. 
  • Increased security and compliance best practices (security and management user) 
  • Other advanced DBA tasks 

but also in terms of working on new SQL Server projects, we can help with these and more: 
  • Secure Installation and configuration of database servers. We can also assist in sizing a server based on your needs. 
  • Diagnosing and solving performance problems. Optimization and tuning of heavy workloads Resolution of internal problems related to configurations of processor, memory, disk, SQL Server Protocols 
  • Quality Assurance and verification of developments in SQL Server Infrastructure design for SQL Servers (including RAID Designs) 
  • Design and implementation of audit and standards security compliance solutions for SQL Server Design and implementation of disaster recovery strategies 
  • Design and implementation of backup and recovery strategies 
  • Design and implementation of high availability solutions (log shipping, mirroring, replication)
  • Design and implementation of data replication solutions 
  • Design and implementation of Automation solutions Migration of database servers


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